What are Siphonic Closets?

A Siphonic Closets have a long and narrow ā€˜Sā€™ shaped trap way. The one end as the inlet in the bowl, and the other connected to the drain pipe underneath the bowl. Siphonic Closets have a larger water area and a deeper seal than normal wash-down types.

This design is done by the shape of the trap way acting as a siphon. The usage of their silent and positive action with sophisticated technology, we manufacturing Siphonic Closets with using high grade raw material.

How Does Siphonic Closets Works?

A flush begins with pulling the lever or pushing a flush button, the flush valve opens that lets the tank water flow into the bowl. In the subject to a siphonic Closets, typically you will see water rising in the bowl and then sinking rapidly into the bowl outlet. What actually happens is that the water is flowing out faster from the tank and tries to exit the bowl immediately. This happens usually due to the large flush valve diameter than the trap way.

When water exits through the trap way, it forms a vacuum by displacing the air inside and it flows over the kink in trap way is when the siphon begins to work. You can notice this when water in the closets bowl stops rising and starts decreasing.

At the end of the flush, you will hear a sound of babbling, that's when the vacuum is broken and stops the siphon. The bowl then gets filled with remains water and a refill in the tank starts for the next flush.

So, this is basically how a Siphonic closets works.