A few minutes everyday... and a beautiful bathroom forever. Like any other part of your house, the bathroom can be made to look great and made to last if it is taken care of regularly. Here are some simple tips that can be help you keep your bathroom space and span.

Wash Basin

The wash basin needs to be washed with a mild detergent at least once a day. After washing, the basin must be wiped dry to avoid water stains, especially on dark colours.


Use a plastic bristled brush with a plastic handle to scrub the toilet with a cleanser like Harpic, at least once a day. After flushing the toilet, give it a "once over" with the brush to avoid minute discoloring. Keep the toilet brush handy in a convenient stand/ cover nearby.

In the case of Vitreous China Sanitaryware like Silware toilets and basins, if there has been no maintenance over a long period of time, water deposits and discoloration can form on the surface of areas that get wet. In such cases , these stains/ marks can be removed with the help of a solution of dilute hydrochloric acid.. Clean with a soft cloth and warm soapy water. Use a liquid cleaner at least once a week. Do not use powder paste, thinner or dry cleaning liquids. To remove fine scratches, use Brasso or car rubbing compound and then polish with a polish cloth.

Concealed Wall Hung

1. If the wall is going to be plastered for a thickness of 12 mm and a tile thickness of 6-7 mm, the projection of the bolts from the finished wall should be 66 mm only.

2. If the thickness of plastering and tile is less than the dimensions mentioned above, the bolts that are supplied along with the bracket should be moved into the wall by using a suitable spacer washer between the bolt head and the bracket frame.

3. The bracket should be buried into the floor so that the height from the center line of the bolt to the surface of the finished floor is 320 mm.

Installation & Maintenance Tips

1. Use C.I. Brackets with rag bolts to install Wash Basin with or without pedestal. If Wash Basin is large in size than it is recommended to install on pedestal screwed to the floor.

2. All Wall Mounting E.W.C. to be installed with the help of C.I. Chair bracket as well as with heavy duty rag bolt with cap and rubber bush and outlet coupler.

3. All Floor Mounting E.W.C. to be fixed on the floor with help of Screwed and do not use Cement at the hollow portion of E.W.C.

4. It is recommended to clean regular with dry cloth / Mild Detergent to avoid stain & if required, diluted Hydrochloric acid may be used.

5. Do not use hard bristled / wire brush for cleaning to avoid scratches on wares.